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Zhuhai Special Economic Zone Hotel Guangzhou is located at the intersection of Zhongshan 6th Road and Haizhu North Road in the center of Guangzhou, near Guangzhou Vocational and Trade Middle School, Jietai Plaza (GMAT test room), etc.

The hotel is about 3 kilometers away from the old building of the China Export Commodities Fair. It can be reached by subway from the hotel to the New Convention and Exhibition Center. There are many tourist attractions, historical and cultural sites, and a commercial pedestrian street integrating ancient and modern.

Room types are diverse. In addition to basic facilities in the room, there are also small refrigerators, in-room safes, etc., providing guests with an ideal resting place for comfort and privacy.

The hotel also has Chinese restaurant, Japanese restaurant, and Hunan cuisine restaurant. When you taste the food, you will feel at ease and comfortable, and feel a wonderful journey.
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  • wuyong_xy
    The hotel is a bit old
  • leebonnie
    Transportation is very convenient.
  • actecs
    Hotels old town, subway, convenience, surrounding environment for a long time was so-so
  • lixin810
    Overall due to the old appearance of the old state-owned enterprises is near the subway and port c, left direction of 20 meters, turn left and after 100 m turn left to the nearby TESCO MAC KFC PIZZA HUT ALL HAVE GOOD PLACE BUT OLD HOTEL
  • swmy9
    All right
  • applaud
    Each!1! here is very good, very nice, convenient and clean!, second floor, as well as tea is delicious!
  • bailu01
    Renovated the hotel is good, the traffic is convenient. around many dinner and entertainment places.
  • allanfeng
    OK, configured as 'home'-
  • e00178985
    Well, the hotel is located in the old city of Guangzhou, the second floor is food for the first, morning tea is easy. Hotel facilities are older, but the service was good, rooms, toilets are long, too big!
  • avislv
    Convenient hotel services, the price is right, the hotel is especially convenient, is very convenient for shopping for dinner, the most important advantage is the price comparison, next time, also pushed friends over!
  • Morrow
    All right
  • rgcoca
    More convenient transportation
  • Apolo99999
    Cost-effective, convenient, good health
  • e00413493
    It wasn't too bad
  • dongerxiaoyi
    Good location, Metro is convenient. Diet is pretty much around.
  • lululi00000
    In order to get GMAT, recent, unexpected, and quite new, very satisfied ~
  • babu228
    Beds are very hard, very old facilities, the biggest problem is live in 4 floor, restaurant downstairs, made supper, open into the wee hours, the table about voice, noise, really. was going to stay for 5 days, then stayed for 2 days and quickly retreated ... will not stay this hotel again.
  • fatima44
    Variance, without help carry luggage at the door, room tasted a bit weird, TV was super short, table uncomfortable. there site near! 13-story building, just opposite a construction, Super loud! will not stay here again next time.
    It wasn't too bad
  • old_gay
    Good location, facilities in relatively old
  • caddie81
    Facilities need to be improved
  • jocelyn12
    Hotel security is really great work environment is not bad but the legend of the invoice has not been sent
  • Fionyau
    Good location, convenient, very close to Metro Line 2 line. now no heater, very cold. no breakfast, a bit inconvenient.
  • Jessicaxjy
    Appearance is a bit old, the surrounding environment, and is also convenient for travel meals
  • jasman
    All in all the price is satisfactory, good
  • Beijinger
    Transportation is convenient, is the obsolete facilities. on business can.
  • footballo
    Convenient downtown, near the street, easy to eat, very quiet. but hotel decoration and equipment obsolete, but the room was clean, no flavor.
  • mimimusic
    Should take the initiative to ask the guest's name at the front desk to check orders
  • e00107699
    Nice, convenient, and WiFi, is the surrounding environment almost as if construction
  • e00214634
    Hotel location is very convenient and Metro Airport South to West Gate Station walking five minutes to arrive (change.) room is clean and not smelly. front desk staff very good, questions and trouble. will also go to this hotel next time I go to Guangzhou.
  • boris0207
    Although it is an old hotel, but the service is very good and very clean.
  • bititang
    Location, price, infrastructure, parking!
  • e04838011
    Hotel is very good and convenient, but slightly old.
  • Lomes
    You can also
  • liyifan11
    Nice hotel, good location, very close to the Metro, the deficiencies of the slippers is not a one-off, and lime off ~ ~ ~ hope to improve the room ~ ~
  • maggiewu2006
    Air conditioning not cool enough
  • tt888888
    Hotel is located in the old town center, the transportation is convenient, close to the Metro station, easy to find, rooms very clean, noise better than comparable hotels, great. Management, stringent, visitors to register. but the environment was really clean, I made during the stay of the higher requirements on health was quite satisfactory, will stay again.
  • yueyueyue000
    Location, convenience, noise-less
  • lingdufengye
    Room 402 where I live and what a sadness. Bathroom ventilation problems, shit smell filled the air, why not, presumably pipeline issues; Air conditioning only cooling function, called the electric heating, heat is very limited; Very poor sound insulation; Peeling; Word will not be considered here.
    On business, is located in downtown Guangzhou, urban older, level 2 is said to be the time-honored restaurants. the hotel is very clean, are some of the facilities considered to
  • connie8800
    Reflect well the wrong
    Hotel in old, around shop many. I live of room in four layer, is unfortunately, downstairs II floor three floor is food for first, morning 7 points to second days 4 o'clock in the morning business, so Cup with has, whole late are is pulled table, touch Chair of voice, strongly recommends don't live 4 layer. but door of security brother people really good, on I this head times to Guangzhou of people to has many effective recommends, this thanks.
  • e01068519
    Accessibility, next to the Metro.
  • Jwang_2005
    Obsolete facilities
  • svcen
    Health condition was good, room no comments said the old
  • casper
    Convenient, clean, warm and comfortable, cost-effective
  • leexinxin
    The location was excellent, close to the Metro, style a bit like Japan style table Chair bed short, room a little wave, there is an overall good
  • CCTsang
    Subway restaurants, shopping is very convenient. nice clean
  • laowulaowu
    This time was much better, it is recommended
  • bamboj
    From the subway station and bus stops are very close, there are supermarkets nearby as well as snacks, very convenient. stay in three-star hotels at this price is quite a good deal.